With what to wear women’s fur coat – on a knitted basis, from mink, silver fox

Among the wide variety of women’s outerwear is clearly distinguished stylish and attractive fur coat. This thing perfectly warms in any weather, reliably retains heat and gives its owner unique comfort. Meanwhile, not all fashionable women know what its advantages are, and how this model differs from a fur coat, for this is recommended a&a vesa in 2019.

What is the difference between a fur coat and a fur coat?

Today, in stores and boutiques presented a huge variety of different types of outerwear. Among them, a fur coat and a fur coat have earned particular popularity, and the difference between them is understood not by all women. In fact, the main difference between these two items is the presence or absence of a lining.

So, in a fur coat, there is always a warm lining, on which fur skins of fur animals are located. Thanks to this detail classic fur coats provide maximum comfort in any weather and do not allow hypothermia. A fur coat, on the contrary, may not have a lining at all, or it may have a thin layer of material, which has practically no effect on the thermal characteristics of this product.

Also, a fur coat and a fur women’s coat have other differences, for example:

  • the length and cut of the fur coat can be any, whereas the hem of the coat always ends not earlier than the middle of the thigh and not lower than the middle of the shin;
  • A fur coat can be worn all year round, except for the hot season. In some cases, it is appropriate to be in this wardrobe even indoors. The fur coat is designed exclusively for severe frosts, and to appear in it indoors is simply not permissible;
  • Coat made of fur has a much lower weight. Some models, especially those made of artificial materials, are generally practically not felt on the body during wear;
  • Finally, unlike the traditional fur coat, the coat is much cheaper.

Fur coat 2018 and 2019


In the season 2018-2019, all outerwear made of natural or artificial fur in fur factory is at the top of popularity. Stylists and designers all over the world paid special attention to its production, presenting in their collections bright and original models, markedly different from each other. Including, in the lines of fashion brands you can often find a knitted fur coat made from the skins of various fur animals and genuine leather.

The style, cut and stylistic execution of such items of clothing can be varied. So, in 2018, classic models reaching the knee and having a slightly fitted silhouette, elongated maxi-products, in some cases reaching almost to the floor, or combined options, in the production of which several types of fur were used, are particularly relevant.

Fur women’s coat

Every year fashion gurus around the world present new models of coats from different types of fur. Modern women of fashion can choose any version they like, which will suit them by age and figure. A real hit of recent years has become a two-sided women’s fur coat that can be worn with fur inside or outside. It is great for any occasion, not excluding exits, and gives its owner comfort absolutely in any weather.

Mink fur coat

Mink fur is one of the most preferred types of fur in many ways. It looks luxurious and elegant, long serves and can be used in all weather conditions. Also, mink skins are incredibly plastic, which allows manufacturers to give them any desired shape and get an unusual, but incredibly interesting cut.

The winter long fur coat from the skins of this animal perfectly warms even in severe frost. Also, fashionistas do not have any problems when creating images based on it, because this thing perfectly combines with any wardrobe items, shoes, and accessories. Shortened models are less popular because they do not heat so well, but in the demi-season period of the year, they are among the most preferred products.

Fur coat from silver fox

Skins of black-brown fox are famous for their unusual shade, excellent thermal performance, and durability. Products made from this material are able to emphasize the femininity and beauty of their owner. Therefore, they are often chosen to complement evening looks and appearances. Meanwhile, not all models look equally luxurious. So, if a fur coat made of a silver fox on a knitted basis is best suited for everyday wear, then on a special occasion.

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