Poultry Farm in Romania

“Peep, peep, peep…”- If you’re visiting Romania, you would come across this sound quite often than not. No! not at the streets, but at the randomly located poultry farms spread across the country. Yes! Chicken farming is one of the most prevalent channels of meat production in Romania. This can be proven by the fact that some of the top companies in Romania are involved the chicken meat processing and chicken egg production. The animal farming industry in Romania has been exploited to the extent that it is now ranked No.1 in the EU showcasing growth in agricultural exports, predominantly in chicken meat. Animal production sector in Romania amounts to 30% (on an average) besides other agricultural produce.

Poultry Farm in Romania

Given its dominance in the livestock farming sector and use of cutting-edge technological interventions to procure high-quality chicken meat and egg produce, Romania has garnered huge popularity amongst countries interested in investing in this market.

Romania has showcased a significant output as one of the largest producers of poultry meat which is primarily sold in the fresh/chilled form. Not only does the livestock sector contributes towards strengthening the Romanian economy (via export orders) but it also manages to meet the growing chicken meat and egg consumption within the country.

Romania is known for specializing in the poultry farm industry. With innovation and cutting-edge technological input, Romanian livestock farming business have embraced the challenges (posed earlier to the company). There was a time when the Romanian poultry farming industry took a hit. That’s all in the past for now. Ideally, the poultry farming and processing industry in Romania started to bounce back at least 23 years ago. In these 23 years, it has most certainly seen a huge increase in poultry production (of more than 400%). The export business has also experienced a burgeoning success, thanks to a well-built transport corridor. Some of the other important factors that has created a preventive environment against Newcastle disease, and Avian influenza, are biosecurity and other preventive measures. Since poultry farming is a way of life in Romania, majority of the companies in the meat farming and processing businesses are family-run.

Agricost, Safir group, Transavia, LaProvincia – are the topmost meat producers in Romania. Not only do these companies produce enormous amounts of meat but also employ and create numerous job opportunities in the market. It is a known fact that almost 16 million Romanians fall back on the income from agriculture and food industry which also has an immense contribution to the country’s GDP.

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