Crow Creek Designs

Crow creeks designs is a business focusing upon woodworking and art. Jess is the creative mind of crow creek designs, she was a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood, and is a mother to three children. Due to a lack of money, Jess couldn’t buy the coffee table she wanted to but she ended up making one of her own by getting the tools and materials required online. She constructed the coffee table for her home but she didn’t really like the final product as much so she put it for sale on Craigslist.

She was overwhelmed with the response that she got for her coffee table as it was sold right away and people asked for more coffee tables like the one, she had constructed. At this point, Jess recognized her talent and put her effort into building more coffee tables like the one she made for herself but ended up selling. Crow creek was born after the amazing response she got for her coffee table.

 Jess has faced quite a tough time in her life due to the suffering of her daughter due to a rare genetic disease called Ehlers-Danos, she was diagnosed after 10 years of suffering. Later on, Jess, herself also got sick due to the same disease and was always in and out of the hospital. Due to a time of physical and mental stress, Jess gave a break to her passion for building. However, from time to time she went back to it and realized that this is what she needed, putting art and woodworking together to come up with stunning furniture pieces.

The past two years, Jess has outdone herself by incorporating bright colors, intricate details, unique and stunning patterns to her furniture. The mesmerizing thing about her work is that incorporates nature, the natural patterns of wood through the wood canvas she uses in her work.

She has gotten a lot of praise and appreciation on social media for her outstanding work as well, she has about 60K followers on social media and has also been featured in various media platforms such as Insider, LinkedIn, DIY network and newsprint.

Jess is also a winner of a campaign which was held by Duluth Trading Co. for their search of women of who do. She is an inspiration because, even though she struggled so much, she has been able to achieve so much all because of her positive attitude, passion, skill and a creative mind. She is an example for all the women to go after their dreams and to fulfil them with maximum effort.

Crow Creeks designs is a unique business because it not only focuses upon selling the product to the customers but it also focuses upon sharing of the skill, Jess teaches other women and teenagers, the craft of woodworking and building along with the incorporation of Alaskan woman building a community around woodworking and art in it so that other women and teenagers can also become independent and build what Jess has been able to build for herself successfully.

Since she was a victim of abuse herself, she travels around the US, teaching survivors and other women and teenagers the art of building, so that it can also help them flourish.

Jess has worked really hard to achieve what she has achieved right now but to move towards her future goals, she needs a bigger space for building. She herself has put quite some money into her business but she still needs your help so that she can have a bigger space to work. The goal to get the shop ready is $60,000, so make sure that you support her cause. She is not only building furniture for customers but this bigger space will help her continue the training of women or teenagers so that they can start businesses of their own.

Crow Creek designs has rewards for people who show support, they have beautifully crafted pieces that they send out to their supporters. The greater amount of money you give them for support, the better reward you will get. The beautifully crafted pieces are a tremendous show of art and nature together. Jess’s story is very inspiring, don’t forget to show her support.

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