6 Top Steam Irons

Retractable electronic iron

You might be familiar with CHI from their hair styling tools. The CHI model not just smoothed hard-to-iron fabrics like linen, heavy cotton, but also produced the strongest steam burst we tested.

It is easy to hold and use. Once you have turned the dial for fabric selection, the illuminated display will make it easy to see if you made the right decision. The large water chamber makes it easy to fill and the retractable cord allows for more storage space. The ceramic soleplate is scratch-resistant and glides easily across fabrics. This iron is a firm favorite in our lab. We hide it away whenever someone asks to borrow one.

  1. Vitessa Iron

The Black + Decker Vitessa ICR2020, despite its small price tag was first in our wrinkle removal tests. It has six temperature settings that allow for more personalized ironing. The nonstick soleplate provides a smooth glide and rarely snags fabric edges. The retractable cord makes it easy to store the steam iron. Although it took longer to heat up than other irons, once it has accumulated steam it is easy to set it down. It’s a budget-friendly iron that can be used with a large water tank, long cord, and attachments.

  1. ExtremeSteam Pro Iron

Conair ExtremeSteam Pro GI300 Iron heats up in less than 60 seconds even at maximum heat settings. This iron also scored top marks in steam-producing tests. You can trust it to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Rubber feet help to keep the iron stable and prevent it from tipping over. You can see the contents of the reservoir through the transparent water tank. Tip: Don’t fill it beyond the maximum line to avoid drips.

It’s easy to smooth heavy materials quickly with regular or turbo steam. This makes it easier than ever for lighter fabrics to be too damp. The built-in creaser may even reduce the need to iron. The steamer’s metal plate takes some time to cool so, if you store it in a bag, or other small area, give it time.

  1. Versa Glide Cordless/Corded iron

Sunbeam Versa Glide can be used to remove those pesky wrinkles. It also works with the cord, so you don’t have to put it back on its base. The 1,500-watt steamer iron can provide up to 60 seconds continuous heat and steam in cordless and quick reheats in just 25 seconds when it is placed back on the base. The LED indicator on the iron lets you know when it is losing heat in cordless mode so that you can return it to its base for reheating. The iron’s base attaches to its rear.

It’s not bulky, and it’s still light relative to other irons that we tested. Even with the base attached, it isn’t heavy. It’s a 2-in-1 deal, and it’s a great price! The vertical steam function works well, and the controls are intuitive and simple to use.

  1. Steammaster Steam Iron

Amazon customers loved the Sunbeam Iron for its performance and price. We have also tested Sunbeam steamers and irons in previous GH Cleaning Lab tests. The iron is affordable and has great features such as a retractable 8-foot cord that makes it easy to put away. It has a 3-way (side-to-side, flat and upright) auto shutoff that provides safety and vertical steam. It is a comfortable, average weight iron that can be used for regular ironing. Weighing in around 3 pounds

One reviewer stated, “I use an iron every day as a professional seamstress. This iron is my favorite! I’ve used about 10 irons in my career as a seamstress, and this iron is by far the best. !!!”

  1. Ovo Portable Steam iron

Good things come in small packages. The Ovo, a palm-sized iron, will smoothen wrinkles at home as well as on the road. Although it is the smallest iron we have seen, it is perfect for small touch-ups. This iron is light and portable at just 1.6 pounds.

The soleplate is ceramic coated and provides smooth glide on your clothes. Its shape is like an egg and provides a firm grip. The steam is constant. The storage bag doubles as a pad for resting. The Ovo is available for anyone who can use a computer mouse.