Previously, only the basement. Today is the most beautiful place in the whole house

Each new developer raises the question: should there be his house with a basement? The pros are confirmed by many good arguments. The increased usable area of the house allows you to place all the technical premises below. In addition, the basement is used today more than ever. If earlier it was a wet cold basement for storing stocks, now you can create separate oases: a gym or a billiards room, a sauna, a workshop or a home theater.

A house without a basement, like a car without a trunk.

Additional rooms in the basement free up living space on the ground floor for your comfort. The larger the basement, the greater your ability to store and organize your leisure. Anyone who refuses the basement, loses space in the living room. An alternative to a basement can be a separate boiler room or hozblok, but now the land is too expensive, and as a result you can lose in money.

Adapts to your needs.

Housing needs change throughout life. The family is increasing, children and grandchildren are born. Working conditions change – you can work remotely with comfort. Added new hobbies and hobbies. The basement can be used flexibly, it adapts to the individual requirements of your family at any time.

Use the useful space at home with maximum efficiency. Create convenience and comfort for your family thanks to the basement!

Using the basement for technical needs and a recreation area, you can easily arrange a room for your elderly parents. They will be able to live next to you and receive the necessary assistance and attention for them in a timely manner. After all, it is so difficult to find time for us in everyday bustle and worries to visit relatives who live on the other side of the city …

Increases the value of the house.

Basement increases the value of real estate in the long term. House with a basement easier and faster to resell. You have every chance to get a higher price than selling a house without a basement.

Improves the climate in the house.

A well-insulated basement acts as a heat buffer. So, it helps reduce energy consumption. In summer, the cool basement absorbs heat and prevents the house from heating up quickly. In winter, it retains heat better than ground walls.

Provides better sound insulation.

By placing a boiler room and other technical rooms in the basement, you can easily protect the upper floors from noise, which means you will increase the comfort of your stay.

Streams of water? Only not in the basement!

Water that falls on the ground as precipitation penetrates the soil that surrounds your home. Sometimes it penetrates the ground quickly, sometimes slowly. In principle, there is no dry soil. There is water even in soils of sand and gravel, which perfectly pass water. 

Therefore, when choosing a basement protection option at home, you need to know how much water “crushes” on the basement walls. You need to consult with a KapitalBasements – London Basement Company, the specialist for the correct choice of waterproofing system.

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