Youth Marketing

As we know the youth of today have only been a distant part of the population since the mid 50s. Youth culture primarily influenced by the booming film and music industry championed the years where the Youth were no longer children. This led to the era of self expression in young people, and of course businesses capitalised on this. Targeted through youth marketing, teenagers flocked in the millions to purchase fashionable clothes, entertainment packages and grooming products in the ever so important mission to stay on trend.

Youth Marketing is any form of marketing which is tailored around a young audience. A common practice with such campaign is to segment them down into individual age groups or brackets. This allows marketers to test different segments and assess marketing influence and performance, targeting different product sets to separate age groups.

The youth of today have not been shy in adopting multiple forms of technology, from mobile phones, laptops and tablets etc. This provides Youth Marketing Agencies with endless marketing channels, where they can provide targeted ads to young people. And of course with the even faster growing platforms of social media, it’s become even easier to influence the buying habits and minds of the youth through engaging with ‘Social Media Influencers’, seeing a growing industry around partnering or sponsoring ‘Internet Famous’ public figures to convince our Youth’s to buy.

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