Your Career According to Your Zodiac – Career Horoscope 2010

In today’s cosmos, having a successful vocation has become increasingly crucial. Now, everyone is interested in having a high profile career and their career development. Many times, it has been hard to choose a powerful career. Career astrology is the channelizing force to clear the confusion in deciding the correct path and stand out. A learned astrologist can draw a career horoscope on grounds of your birth information. Subsequently a deep analysis of this career horoscope, the astrologers can provide job forecasting and remedies to get rid of the ill touches on your career caused by planets

If you choose to work with a trustworthy partner then this association would prove beneficial and fruitful for you. The clash of Saturn and Jupiter on August 16 may cause you to change your field of work. Your job will be both rewarding and satisfying for you. You will need to be prudent and cautious about your work because you will feel vulnerable to stressful situations during 14 Jan to 31 may 2010. During this period you are advised to make not make any important strategic decisions.

You must not undertake the execution of any new ventures as they may not be fruitful. Friends and family members will help you to boost your career. Your career graph will see a rise in Nov 2010. You should not be arrogant or egoistic while dealing with work issues during the time of Feb 7 to March 2, 2010. A decline in the career graph between Jan 14 to May 31, 2010 is indicated. Your earlier investments will be profitable and the time between May- Oct, 2010 and Dec, 2010 will witness a rise in income. This year is generally good for self employed Taureans. You will see a spurt in business in terms of increased work order placements. For private and Government employees, though, this period will be stressful and trying

The period around April 26 and July 26 will be trying and difficult for you and you will be stressed during such situations. You must keep yourself calm and composed so that you can concentrate on your objectives. You will be able to make most of the opportunities that present themselves on May 23 and Aug 16.
The favorable combination of Jupiter and Uranus on June 8, Sept 18 And Jan 4, 2011 will bring pleasant surprises in terms of work results and job front. The influence of Jupiter will bring success, affluence and good fortune. There would be a few financial problems and obstructions like delay in promotions and difference in opinion with the seniors. This difficult period will test your resolve and patience to only see you emerge stronger and with flying colors.

There are radical career changes foreseen for Leo people, be it for self employed or serviced. People could change their work or business and can switch on to a completely new profession. This is due the position of Rahu and Jupiter in their sign. Do not get influenced or carried away by your friend’s or relative’s opinion as they might flummox your determination levels or confound your plans. This year, you will need to be careful in legal matters. You are advised to be cautious and alert to save your time and energy from these entanglements.

Courtesy the presence of Jupiter in the 10th house of career from Jan 17 to June 6 and from Sept 9 to Jan 22, 2011, Gemini individuals will see a surge in their career in 2010.

This Jupiter Uranus combination will pave out new career paths, open up new job ventures and bless upon unexpected success in the work. The presence of Saturn on April 26, May 23, July 23 and August 16, would see you face a few obstacles. The early half of 2010 will see you collaborating with partners from foreign shores with positive results. All your sustained hard work will see a growth in your career after May 2, 2010 then a lull period will continue till Oct 31, 2010. You will see new avenues opening up and we advise you to grab them.

Nov 2010 will witness good fortune and profits for you. Never let issues like ego and arrogance affect your work performance in any case, as they will pass as easily as they come. The period during March 15 to March 30 is good for people in creative fields.

Be careful while managing your finances, because there is an indication of cash inflow but expenses as well. Entrepreneurs or self employed people will expand their business and venture into new fields. Foreign trips for business purposes will prove beneficial. You will have a good social standing and reputation too. You will be respected for your opinions. This year is also good for students as they will get good results. So in a nutshell, there will mostly be gains for Gemini people in this year.

Ruled by planet Mars, you are ruled by sign driven by power and ambition. The year 2010 will prove to be a mixed bag for you. The presence of Saturn in your 7th house of partners will make you face a few roadblocks in your career path and you have to remove them on your own, don’t expect any outside assistance. Your timely action and intervention will prevent much of the unnecessary complications and help you to stay focused on your work. Remember, teamwork is vital and of utmost importance to your success. You must work in tandem with your colleagues to achieve maximum results. The later half of 2010 should see your tensions and worries ease off. You might find yourself in line for a promotion or see an opportunity for a new work avenue.

You will have your priorities in place and good solid work ethics will help you to gain administrative positions. Those in hotel industry will accomplish a lot. Achievements will wait for them and bestow them with good stead and reputation in future. The same, though, cannot be said about those in nursing and care giving fields. They will find themselves in a stagnant phase and see being dominated and their opinions being oppressed. They could also think to change careers or shift jobs. By the end of year, it is possible that they might feel their career is dormant. For that, they are advised to rely on their own inner strength to take charge of the situation.

They need to understand that obligations cannot be fulfilled at once, all by themselves. This situation will continue till June 12th when the new moon will enter 16th house of Career and you will be swamped with work.

You will be satisfied and happy with your job as you will make progress at the work place. You will be able to negotiate with your co-workers and by being a tem player you would be able to realize common goals. Your financial condition will improve because you will be rewarded by the means of salary hikes and promotions. This is a good year for budding entrepreneurs. Their hard work will pay rich dividends in future. There is slight obstruction though, Virgo individuals constantly strive for change and this may have an adverse and unfavorable affect on your work.

You are advised to not start any new business venture between May and July as this is an inauspicious period to start something new. Be prudent and judicious while solving your problems and you will find a solution. 2010 is an especially good year for students. The positive effect of Saturn on memory will cause the students to achieve good results in their exams. They can pursue higher studies with ample help and support from parents and relatives who will generate resources in terms of finances for the students.

The planet of action, Mars is receding from your 10th house of career. This spells a period of sluggishness and a noticeable decline in your professional growth. However, this trend is for small period- to be seen till March 10.

Your work will fall short of the expectations. So it is advised that you abide by the time and try to finish the work on hand. The situation will improve on June 6 when Jupiter enters your 6th house of employment. This positive trend will continue through September 9, which will allow you to innovate and implement fresh ideas into action.

You will not be averse and think twice before taking risks and will face challenges enthusiastically. You will be able to realize your career goals and consolidate your professional standing.

Financially, this is a good year for you. Any new collaborations and affiliations, if any, are indicated to be highly successful. Your sincere and industrious work will be noticed and rewarded by your seniors. Your expertise in your field will be recognized. This is a good year for students and people in show business as they will do good work and will have a steady flow of income. This year will prove to be a good year for politicians and people in public service.

On April 26 and July 26 you might find yourself trying to create harmony between your professional and personal life and his effort will cause you some worry. This is because of the Saturn’s negative affect on Uranus on the aforementioned dates. Saturn will again influence Jupiter on May 23 and Aug 16. This will cause disappointment for you because then, you will lose good opportunities on the professional front. After this stressful period, influence of Saturn will subside and you will make gains financially.

2010 is an overall good year for Sagittarians in terms of finance. Your hard work and dedication will be appreciated by others. Investments in real estate this year will prove profitable in the times to come. Business men might land a new contract or deal which would be of enormous financial gain.

You are advised to be fair and transparent in your financial dealings. So, career wise this is a lucky and fortunate year for Sagittarians due to the position of Jupiter in 4th and Saturn in 10th house. All your professional endeavors will be successful. This is a crucial year for Sagittarians who are in the transit of the age of 27, 28, and 32 or 36 years as these people will switch their current jobs or careers for good and break into new fields.

Librans comes under the category of team players. They give their best when they work in coordination with other partners. They have good synergy and work well in tandem with others. They are not lone rangers and this fact, bring them favors and let downs as well.

You must implement new plans on July 11 as the solar eclipse in the 10th house of Career which will be supported by the planet of action -Mars. This time is a really good time to realize your plans. There is also a good indication that these plans will be successful. Be extra careful and cautious in your financial dealings as a little oversight will cause a major financial harm. This is not a very exciting year for you in terms of job satisfaction. You might find yourself stressed out at work. In addition to it you would be traveling that will add to the work pressure. There is an indication of a change in job in the first half of 2010.

But you must not be disheartened though, there is silver lining. You will come across some supportive people who will encourage you and try to improve your life in every sphere- professional and personal.

The period during Oct 29, 2009 Oct, 2012 is very crucial for the career of Capricorns. Due to the influence of Saturn on your 10th house of career, they may either change career or assert in your present profession. The circumstances at work will be less than amicable and you are advised to navigate carefully through these troubled waters. You might be handling additional work at the same time which will add to your work pressure. This will happen primarily due to the combination Saturn and Uranus on April 26 and July 26, 2010 and the combination of Saturn and Pluto on Jan 31 and Aug 21.

New career opportunities will occur and you will be more than happy to explore them. Somebody with a bigger professional stature might help you in your business venture. This year is particularly good for people in the entertainment industry. It will also be favorable for those in medicine, labor management, economics and real estate.

Financially, this year is good for Capricorns. Young women would perform well at the work front. Capricorn individuals living in villages will do as well. This is definitely going to be a year of Capricorns. With profitable investments and implementation of new ideas and projects, they will be productive than ever and will march ahead with the execution of your plans. Employees might get a promotion during March 2010.

The backward spiral of action planet Mars in the 6th house of Work will leave you feeling sluggish on the job. You might feel restless in your current position and start looking for a career change too. You will feel ready to plunge into an exciting new job because of the combination of Jupiter and Uranus on June 8 and Sept 18.

Pisceans will be in a good financial condition due to the handsome returns from some wise investments. Your family will encourage you in your professional endeavors. Due to the negative influence of Rahu and Ketu in the first half of year, you may feel your career growth is hampered a bit but then after, their combined influence will reduce and you will advance smoothly.

The presence of Jupiter in the 12th house of career would cause you some troubles at your work place. You may have disagreements and unnecessary friction with your colleagues that you will be able to overcome all obstacles with your inner strength and ability and you will be working steadily towards your goal. Students will reap the success fruit of their labor and would be able to choose a vocation of their liking. For those in jobs, there will be good news of promotion and salary hikes on the cards. They will land onto some new contracts and deals which will be profitable for you.

The unique positioning of Rahu and Ketu in your chart will bring surprises on the platter for you. They will make you suffer from unanticipated gains or losses. You might unexpectedly meet some of your old friends because of the presence of Saturn. Career wise the year 2010 is mediocre for Pisceans.

The presence of Pluto in the 10th house of career on Jan 31 and Aug 21 will help you to deal strongly with oppressive forces at the workplace. The sanguine presence of Jupiter will see a surge in your confidence level. You will have a renewed vigor and strength to stand up against opposition. There will be new prospects opening up from July 25 to Aug 3, 2010. This year is financially sound for Aquarians as they will enjoy a regular income. People in the food business will do well in this year.

If you are a part of family run concern, then you would be doing very well. Although your functioning at your job would be smooth, you might sense some troubles in your professional environment. This year will be good for people working in the field related to alcohol, auto and electronics industry. People working in space sciences will achieve a breakthrough.

Career wise, this year will be very lucky for Aquarians, all thanks to the presence of Jupiter in the 1st house and Rahu in the 11th house of profits. Rahu will also make you cynical and tactful. You might get involved in the work place machinations at the instigation of your superiors which will win you some favors from them in return. You will be able to complete all your tasks on time. A word of caution- Be aware and extra vigilant while working with your business partners. You might get entangled in a court case over a property dispute.

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