Why Organizing Your Electronics with Velcro cable wraps Is Important

Technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives. From using phones and computers at work to using our phones, computers, and televisions at home technology plays a big role in our lives and we need to make an extra effort to make sure it does not take over our lives.

Technology and tech equipment can be tough to store and organize. Without Velcro cable wraps and ties, there are many parts and pieces that go into your electronics and frequently we find ourselves with loose cables and components running rampant around our houses.

Over time we get frustrated with that pesky cord that keeps floating around from room to room, so we stuff it in a drawer only to lose it and not be able to find it when we need it.

This constant game with our electronics can get really old really quickly, so making the effort to organize your electronics with Velcro tie wraps is important. It can be the difference between having a dedicated space for your stuff versus a bin that has everything tossed in there. Here are some of the best organizational tools you can use for your electronics.

Cable Management with Velcro tie wraps

When it comes to electronic organization, cable management with Velcro tie wraps should go to the top of your list. Once you have organized all of your cables, you will not be as overwhelmed and are able to move on to daily organization of your gear.

When you are starting to better organize your cables, you will want to start with getting rid of the cables you no longer need or use. We find ourselves keeping tons of spare cable wraps for that one time when we will need it, but generally that moment never comes and you are left with storing a cable tie you will never use.

Be realistic about what you have and what you need. If you think you will need it, keep it, but if not, toss it or donate it. After you have organized all of your cables wraps, you can start to wrap up the ones you do not use infrequently.

Making use of Velcro cable wraps and cable ties can be incredibly helpful in organizing and storing your cables. Get a bin that you can store a variety of cables in and when it comes to cable ties, you may want to consider some that are different colors or have labels so you can organize even further.

Cable Wrap Clutter

Once you have stored the cable wraps that you do not regularly use, you are left with the ones you do. It can sometimes be tough to keep cables you frequently used organized because often times you may be moving them around the house.

There are some Velcro cable ties that you likely will not move regularly, like the ones from your entertainment system or the ones for your desktop computer. With those you will want to reduce the amount of length that they use because otherwise it leaves potential for them to get tangled with the other cords around them.

When it comes to phone cords and laptop chargers, consider adding a hook and loop fastener to them so that when you are finished using them you can wrap them up and store them in your bag or in your desk.

Another option you may want to consider is getting a charging station for you to use. Getting a charging station can help to keep all of your electronics charging in one spot and will help them to stay organized. You can purchase shorter cables so that they are not flying all over the place.

For items like headphones and charging cables consider getting a cable organizer. In addition to a hook and loop fastener which will reduce the length of your Velcro tie wraps, a cable organizer can be useful in preventing them from falling behind your desk or getting further tangled.

Importance of Keeping Electronics Organized

It really helps to keep your electronics organized for a variety of reasons. If you live a lifestyle that is fast-paced and you are regularly on the go, being organized can make a huge difference in your stress levels. You may not have the time to sort through a messy box of cables in order to find the one you need.

By keeping your electronics organized you can eliminate some stress from your daily life and will be able to know where things are, as you need them. It is important to remember that once you have spent the time to organize all of your gear, you need to maintain it and put things back where they belong.

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