Every designer these days need a design tool to create what the imagination holds. There are many design tools available on the internet these days. But few tools are popular and come with great features. 

Figma Templates are one of the most powerful design tools in 2020. There are thousands of customizable templates available on Figma. All you need to do is choose and edit accordingly. Figma Templates not only offer design templates but they have a complete setup to work remotely. You don’t have to waste time traveling to the office and arrange conferences with the team or clients. Figma has the features to arrange meetings and team video conferencing on the go. Also, it allows you to use slack for better functioning. 

Talking about templates, no other design tool has all kinds of templates easily available. Figma is the king of templates in 2020. 

The following are the best ten templates you can find on Figma Templates.

Figma Dashboard Templates 

This design kit comes with 80 different layouts and screens, which incorporates desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.

For quick and straightforward editing and customization, it also contains Figma components and designs.

This makes it easy to change things like font type, logo, colors, and more.

Figma Wireframe Kit 

If you’re within the brainstorming process of a project, it’s always an honest call to speak your ideas to your team early.

These screens are designed for the online, and contain desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of all screens for responsive design.

With components and style blocks that you simply can stack and build off of.

Atro UI Kit

The designs are clean, modern, and clutter-free, the way we expect an honest interface should be.

Besides, the colors used are bold and energizing.

Are you or a client looking to create a freelancing mobile app or employment marketplace?

Freelance App Designs 

You may like this fun (and free!) UI kit, which comes with twenty screens for Figma. It also has five illustrations for you to utilize. The design itself is straightforward to edit and therefore the screens are stunning (with UX also in mind).

Whether you’re a designer or a startup founder, this is often a convenient thanks to assist you to start on your next project.

IOS Kit 

It includes an about page, services page, team page, homepage, and many more for designing web pages or landing pages. 

The Lopper Website Template

It includes an about page, services page, team page, homepage, and many more (including multiple variations and options).

Table Template 

Now you can create a duplicate of this UI each time you need a table, and then copy and paste it into your latest project to edit and customize.

Admin Dashboard Kit 

With cool, relaxed hues, these dashboard templates are ideal for web app designs and projects.

Budget App UI 

This free user interface design set offers a great place to start for your next personal budget app project.

Material Design System 

This design system comes with 1,500+ Material Design components made for Figma.

The templates themselves include: dashboard and e-commerce. Light and dark themes included.

Components, styles, text, typography, and colors can all be edited.

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