The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content

Time is a valuable online source, that is why one enormous advantage –perhaps the hugest–of repurposing content is that the time that it could save you from the content production procedure.

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There are also a number of additional benefits to repurposing:

Get a Search Engine Optimization boost. Numerous parts of content around precisely the exact same subject can create additional opportunities to target a keyword. Additionally, if you choose your repurposed content outside your website, you are able to get quality hyperlinks back to your own website with the extra bonus of controlling the anchor text in the hyperlink.

Reach a new audience. Oftentimes, your initial item of content might have just made a dash with a single group of consumers. Repurposing the material for different mediums permits you to fulfill the audience in which they are.

Reinforce your message. Repetition may be a crucial part of sending a message which sinks in. Marketing’s Rule of 7 says that buyers will need to listen to your message seven times before they will close the bargain. Repurposing goes a very long way toward accomplishing this quota.

Gain additional power. Publishing quality articles in many different places on a single subject can help increase your profile in the business and instruct other people to respect you as a professional.

Locate your evergreen content.

You may be surprised exactly how much of your archives qualifies as evergreen. I have discovered that the two main elements for evergreen content are timelessness and quality.

The timelessness of evergreen content ensures that it remains relevant.

The premium caliber of evergreen content guarantees it gets visitors.

Below, I have listed different approaches to repurpose old content. When there’s 1 commonality in all these, it is this: add value to your first.

Produce new blog posts and content

Up till this past year, I’d no idea that the TV series Frasier was a spinoff of the series Cheers. They are equally good; it just so happens that you have been the genesis of another.

The exact same can hold true for website content. High-quality content may spin off more high-quality articles, and the viewers may benefit from the two.

Produce a demonstration

Interesting data, purposeful quotes, and technical information could result in effective slides, and also the consequent demonstration can supply an abysmal opinion of your initial content. Sharing these slides into a societal website like SlideShare can offer extra opportunities for involvement.

Construct an infographic

A measure past the slidedeck is your infographic, a comprehensive overview of the content of your article in a visual outline. In case you’ve got a great deal of information on your narrative, infographics really are a superb way to connect information or simply to divide a post into only the important talking points.

Produce a Pinterest instructographic

A cousin of this infographic, instructographics possess a very similar look and feel but concentrate more on the how-to facet. The term itself is a mashup of directions and images, so obviously there ought to be an instruction element to the layout. Pinterest is a favorite location for articles similar to this because it’s actionable and visual. Any how-to articles on your archives will be great opportunities to try out an instructographic.

Refresh and age-old articles

Every so often when I am reviewing blog articles, I will discover some truly stunning posts held back with a few pieces of advice that have not dated too. Change occurs, and also those articles written with 100% accuracy a couple of months ago may not ring true now.

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