Sun in Aries

March 20 is a significant date in astrological terms. It marks the start of the New Year for the horoscope. This day coincides with spring equinox which gives it double significance for all zodiac sign.

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The sun will transit Aries, the sign of Aries, and will thus open the door to a new cycle in the zodiacal calendar. Spring equinox is a symbol of the rebirth and resumption in agriculture, as well as the perfect time to strengthen interpersonal relationships. Because the Sun is in Aries, we will never be short of energy as it effortlessly scatters its warm rays to set things in motion and creates an incredible amount of energy.

The Sun aligns with Aries and has a significant impact on the lives of zodiac sign. It encourages them to be more positive and to resist challenges. Natives will be able to take on new projects and have innovative ideas and strategies to implement.

What the stars prepare for you depending on your sign?

  • Aries

You will feel the sun in your home and will have an overwhelming desire to be loved and cared for. This insatiability will make you feel irrational and dissatisfied with your entire existence. These negative emotions should not take control of you.

  • Gemini

A sign of innerization and isolation will be the sun in Aries. You will feel alive and excited to meet new people, which is a good thing. Keep in touch with your friends and do what you can to keep your place in the social circle.

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  • Cancer

Your emotional sign is the Sun. You can be influenced by strong feelings and can feel the effects of any relationship problems. You feel like you have lost control of everything because of the tensions you have been feeling lately. Talk to your loved one about the issues that are pressing on your heart.

  • Leo

You just need a little adventure to get your blood pumping and restore your passion for life. You may have been distant from your friends lately, but now is a time to plan small trips or trips to the city that will help you to appreciate your communication skills.

  • Virgo

It’s like your head is in the clouds. You can’t focus on work because you feel it. Aries’ sun will make you more sensitive to criticism and attacks. Major conflicts with colleagues at work, or even your superiors, are not uncommon. The stars tell you to let these emotions go and to keep your mind open.

  • Libra

In anxiety, you are a little more mischievous than normal. Fear of losing your life balance can lead you to take foolish steps that could prove costly later. Be more flexible and let go of your fixed beliefs.

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  • Scorpio

The Sun’s power and dominance will fuel your inner fire, which will be unstoppable during this period. Even if you feel the need to exact revenge on someone who has wronged or to pay the same amount to them, the stars suggest that you use your energy for something more productive.

  • Sagittarius

It’s impossible to avoid it and every word you speak is intended to cause a conflict between you and your loved one. Be careful with your words and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. You could endanger the relationship.

  • Capricorn

Cupid knocks at your door, and you are more drawn to forbidden and temptations than ever before. You are open to finding love in unexpected places and will not turn down passionate nights with new friends. This state will allow you to make new connections and discover your sensuality.

  • Aquarius

During this time, your mind is focused on the details. Aries can help you be more ambitious and complete those tedious tasks that prevented you from completing certain projects at work. This is the ideal time to complete tasks and start new chapters in your career.

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  • Pisces

You must get rid of any toxic relationships that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from growing. You can look back at your past to see where you went wrong and what you did right.