Selling digital products with Payhip: How it is?

Payhip is a platform that allows you to sell not only digital but also physical products. We have been using this platform for a couple of years now and we would like to help those who are looking for a reliable eCommerce solution. 

So in case you are thinking weather or not, Payhip is a good option for selling digital goods, this article will clear off your questions.

What is Payhip?

Payhip is a platform that allows you to sell digital products from your website. It is a light and easy-to-use eCommerce solution, which allows people to start selling for free by only charging fees after they sell something.

The majority of other platforms that allow selling digital goods online will charge a monthly fee before you even start to sell something, and this is not an appropriate option for beginners.

Payhip requires no upfront payments to start, and if you have a high volume of sales going on and would like to reduce those transaction fees, then you can upgrade your membership for a fixed monthly fee.

Payhip works in a simple way. It allows you to list and host your digital products on their server by issuing the “BUY Button” code which you can pop into your blog or social media pages.

It also creates beautiful product pages that can be hosted on your domain, and securely takes payments and delivers your items.

Must also mention that in order to use Payhip you will need to have a website set up as this platform doesn’t offer online store building and hosting services.

And that’s a good thing because if you want to have a successful product store you don’t want to rely its hosting on anyone. 

Is Payhip Good?

In our opinion, Payhip is an amazing platform when it comes to selling your digital products online

It has a variety of useful features both for beginner and advanced level of sellers. With Payhip you are not only capable to host your products, but also run promotional campaigns, analyze your selling performance, report VAT as well as the many other things like:

  • create an affiliate system 
  • offer coupons
  • allow social discounts
  • create membership sites
  • customize checkout pages

On top of that, Payhip also has some security features in place, which ensures that your copyrights are protected, and nobody will use them illegally.

Is Payhip safe? 

To answer this question directly I will say yes, Payhip is a safe platform to use. I have never had any security issues with this platform and those who say that this platform isn’t safe, probably have violated the rules. 

Starting from the Payments, Payhip uses one of the two most secured established payment getaways – Paypal and Stripe. All the money your customers pay for the goods is handled through these platforms, and as long as your products follow obvious guidelines, the funds are available immediately in your Paypal or Stripe accounts. 

So just to confirm, Payhip doesn’t store the card details of your customers.

Besides secure payments, Payhip also provides copyright protection and antipiracy features, such as:

 Download limits – Payhip has a download control feature in place. By default, it allows maximum 3 downloads of the same file per customer, but this number can be changed to your preference. 

PDF stamp – if you are selling ebooks or any other PDF document containing file, Payhip will stamp each page with the customer’s email address. By doing this it reduces the chance of other people profiting from your products. 

Software license keys: for those who are selling software Payhip also has security features in place. For every customer who buys your software products, Payhip can generate, store, and issue unique software keys. 

Digital Download Delivery: Payhip uses a safe manner to deliver digital products to your customers. Instead of directing customers straight to the download page, it sends it to his inbox, which ensures the right person gets the product.

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Final Words:

If you are a beginner who wants to dip a toe into digital product selling waters, Payhip is a perfect choice to go for. It has all the necessary features to effectively sell digital products, and the best things about it – it’s free to start.

Author Bio: This article is published by WayToChanges. This website specializes in platforms that allow selling digital products and it has the best recommendations out there.

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