Neil Breen Net Worth 2022


Our go-to entertainment code has always been films and web series. Now, more than ever, when a pandemic struck the world, many of us hid in our homes and sought refuge in movies and other forms of screen images. Filmmaking is an art, and Neil Breen is one such filmmaker who strives to produce and provide the best cinema. Let’s find out more about Neil Breen by reading this article.

About Neil Breen

Neil Breen is an American filmmaker, producer and actor. He has produced five films between 2005 and 2018. In these films, he wrote the screenplay and directed the productions. He was responsible for the majority of the movie’s main roles, and we have to say that he did an excellent job coordinating them.

His movies are made by him, so he is aware of his limitations. His movies are therefore known for having low-end productions. His movies often depict cults, and he has a large following for his writing and editing style. He must do it all.

Family and Early Life

Neil Breen was born 23 November 1958. He was born on the East Coast of America. He has been a passionate film-maker since childhood. Despite his passion for filmmaking, he pursued an architecture degree in California. He was a highly skilled architect after completing his education. He started his own movies with the money he earned from his career as an architect. He made Double Down, his first feature film, with all that money. This movie gained him a lot of respect in the film-loving community.

Career and Major Milestones

His career is both in filmmaking and architecture. It would be better to say that he works as an architect to help fund his filmmaking dreams. These are his major accomplishments in filmmaking.

  1. Movie buffs are so fond of his number two film, “I am Here…Now”.
  2. His movie was featured in the 2012 Butt-Numb-A-Thon.
  3. His films were also discussed at the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival.
  4. “I am Here…Now” ranked 21st among 100 top B movies in a 2014 Magazine.
  5. Neil Breen’s latest film, which was released in 2022, is Neil Breen’s 5 Film Retrospective.
  6. The five cinemas he has seen are: Fateful Findings; I am Here…Now; Double Down; Twisted Pair; Pass-Through.

Neil Breen: Here are a Few Facts You Didn’t Know

  • One time he broke his laptop as he was throwing a book to film the movie.
  • It took Fateful Findings 74 minutes to get the main character to mention corruption.
  • It took 29 attempts to get the “No more books” scene right in the same movie.

Net worth

Neil Breen’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars. This money comes mainly from his films and his architectural work.