How to be a Lady

Since the time of Lady and Lords of British nobility, “lady” is associated with a respectable and elegant connotation. While the term “lady” is no longer associated with the British Court or royalty, it can still open up a lot of doors for women in the business and domestic worlds.

A lady’s ability to act and behave in a respectful and professional manner is crucial in receiving respect, admiration, and appreciation from others. It is important to keep three key points in mind when learning how to be a lady: Act like a lady; speak like a woman; act like one.

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You Look like a Lady

    • Cleanliness

Being a lady requires cleanliness. Regular baths are a must, as is combed hair. It is not acceptable for a lady to sport crazy hairstyles or accessories.

The key is simplicity and subtlety. This principle applies to makeup as well. To cover imperfections or enhance certain features, only use as much makeup as you need.

You only need a little. It is not natural to have a fake face. A woman’s natural beauty is what she portrays. When styling your hair or applying makeup, keep it clean, fresh, and practical.

    • Dress

Be appropriate in your attire The clothes a lady wears should fit well and not bulge or be too bulky. Dress clothes are great, but a woman doesn’t have to wear skirts or dresses to be a lady. If worn correctly and in the right size, jeans, dress slacks or pants can all be appropriate.

Sweat pants and other baggy clothing is unacceptable. Baggy clothes are unacceptable, but tight clothing is equally as bad. Make sure the clothing is comfortable and wrinkle-free.

A lady’s proper attire should be modest but stylish. Undergarments, while it shouldn’t be a surprise, are crucial.

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Speak like a Lady

    • Proper grammar and pronunciation

It is vital to use proper grammar and enunciate clearly. It is essential that a lady who knows how to talk can clearly enunciate her words so that others may understand them. She doesn’t use derogatory or slang language in her speech but she is careful to not correct others’ incorrect grammar.

    • Use words wisely

Before she speaks, a lady thinks about it. It is impossible to take back what has been said. Do not reprimand anyone in a harsh manner. Instead, choose the right words and speak calmly and gently.

    • Listen, but don’t interrupt

Interrupting another person is often viewed as being impatient or self-absorbed. They are viewed as someone who doesn’t listen or care about the opinions of others.

A lady listens with grace, pays attention to others’ words and does not interrupt the flow of a thought.

    • Use a moderate tone

A lady should not speak too loudly or in a rough tone when speaking to others. She uses a calm, steady tone and doesn’t raise her voice. However, she does not speak softly so that others may not be able to hear her or make her seem weak or fragile.

A lady’s conversational tone is appropriate for the occasion and the people around it. A lady speaks in a calm, but confident, manner.

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Act like a Lady

    • Proper Etiquette

Being a lady means being polite and well-mannered. Be mindful of others and say thank you and please when necessary. Always act in accordance with your standards in all situations.

Common sense is important at the table and in social situations. A lady should always sit in a straight line and not slump or slouch. A lady should be upright.

    • Never let them see you sweat

In any situation, remain calm. Lady never allows someone to upset her or get her down. She is graceful and calm in dealing with difficult situations, not raising her voice nor venting anger.

    • Intellect of a Lady

A lady is well-informed about the world and can converse gracefully on almost any topic. Even though the topic of conversation isn’t her favorite, she manages to appear knowledgeable and wise by not saying anything. Instead, she pays attention to what others say and listens with interest.

How being a lady opens doors

It is common to imagine “proper” young women when we think about the romanticized old south.

These belles attract gentlemen to their homes, opening doors for them and bowing in appreciation. Although being a woman of integrity in modern society can bring dashing gentlemen running to open doors, there are many other opportunities for women who know how to be a lady.

A lady’s simple charm and grace can attract others. She can also open doors to business and political opportunities with her world knowledge, refined manner, presence, and ability to stay calm in difficult situations.

Business world is looking for the qualities that a lady can possess. Women are able to land jobs that were not available just a few decades ago.

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When debutantes were introduced to the world at “coming out” parties, it was not so long ago that proper women were not known or heard of in business. The male gender dominated commerce and the corporate boardroom. Women have made great strides in the modern world.

Many women have struggled over the years with the notion that they are not at home in the kitchen or caring for the children. This has required courage and outspokenness from them.

But, being brash can only get you so far. The gentleness and demeanor that a true woman displays still attracts friends and influence people even in the 21st Century.