Expressing Gratitude to God with the Teachings of Pastor TB Joshua

It is seen that people are much stressed up nowadays that they find little or even no time to be near to God and they are indulged in maintaining their social and professional life. Some people do not find time to visit the Church or read the teachings given in Holy Bible. However, the pastor TB Joshua believes that people should express gratitude to God by getting near Him through his teachings. One should put firm belief in God so that they can live their life in a peaceful manner.

How Christianity Teachings Helps?

The Christian teachings are concentrated upon the belief that one should place on God so that when the hard time comes, they can find solutions to their problems. The Christians should believe in the Almighty Father who has sacrificed himself for them and it is now their turn to put trust in Him. According to the pastor TB Joshua, one should not get away from the teachings of God and should trust Him for everything. The teachings given in holy Bible will help them to get the way out from their present situation and will help them to heal themselves properly. They should put firm belief on God and not feel dejected for what they are going through in their life.

The Televangelist displays many programs on the pastor’s own channel Emmanuel TV that highlights the teachings of God and how people should put their firm belief in Him. The pastor wants that everyone should feel blessed and successful in their life and it can be done only through the Christian teachings that they should follow. People should recognize the purpose that tells them about their birth on this Earth and the help they should render to other human beings in distress. The pastor is giving away the teachings for many years and has done some major prophecies about terrorist attacks, scarcity and economic disturbances that have happened in present times.

Fulfill the Purpose of God

The pastor feels that everyone is born on this Earth to fulfill some or the other purpose that is given by God and one must fulfill it with full responsibility and dedication by expressing gratitude towards God. One should see beyond the purpose of God and devote them to the service of humanity in order to feel the goodness in their lives in every possible way.

The Christians are made aware of the fact that they are Children of god and they must abide by his teachings. They should not let any ill feeling or evil to dominate them or deprive them of the joy and happiness in their life. People should focus entirely on God whatever the situation they are facing so that at the end they come out of joyful and peaceful rather than feeling dejected. They should fulfill the teachings of God in every aspect so that they can feel contentment and peace in their life.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to peace in your life then the best way is to express your gratitude towards God in every situation.

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