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The results shocked the world. Nearly everyone watching the outcome of the British EU referendum was astounded by the vote for exiting the European Union. The markets sunk, the pound crashed, commentators, analysts, and politicians in both Europe and America expressed outrage and indignation. This all played out on live television. But for ordinary citizens worries were much different.

For students real concerns about scholarships and opportunities abroad came to the fore. For people with friends and loved ones of EU nationality their future in Britain seemed to be in peril. For scientist, educators, and academics of all kinds the various projects they’re involved in with EU partners seemed destined to unwind. For those whose professional and business relations bound up in the EU the future seemed bleak.

Indeed, millions of lives were thrown into chaos on June 23rd. And as the consequences of a Brexit vote continue to unfold the difficulties it will present to you and your family are becoming clearer. There is, however, one way to retain your rights and privileges as a European citizen: Irish citizenship. Thousands of British citizens have already applied for Irish citizenship and their applications have been successful. It is time you look at doing the same.

It is not as difficult as you may think to get Irish citizenship. There are a number of paths to it. They are as follows: you have been living and working in Ireland, you are married to someone in Ireland or the EEA and living there, your parents were born in Ireland, your grandparents were born in Ireland; you can also claim Irish citizenship through recent ancestry.

When pursuing any of the above routes, it is best to get the help and advice of trained professionals. You will need to produce specific documentation to prove your case. In many instances, the required documentation is not over burdensome. However, you want to make sure you get it right. Otherwise, you may find your application refused on a minor technicality.

You have too much invested in your European citizenry to relinquish it. While the politicians fight and squabble and bumble about trying to figure out how to fix the mess made this summer, you should take decisive action. You should initiate a process that will allow you to remain European.

Indeed, that is perhaps the most adverse effect of the Brexit vote. It strips millions of people of their right to work, travel, and live in different European countries. For people like you Europe is much more than a nice holiday destination. It does not represent some high-flying, jet-set lifestyle. You have built up real professional and personal relationships with individuals from the continent—relationships that have come to shape your entire life. These cannot just be let go of. You have spent years building them up and they are essential to the way you live.

The good news is you don’t need to give up your status as an EU citizen. Getting Irish citizenship is your way through the difficulties created by the Brexit vote.

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