Alex Becker Net Worth 2022


Alex Becker, a man who is well-versed in SEO marketing, is no surprise. His specialty is internet marketing. He is currently the CEO of HYROS and is viewed as a young, successful online entrepreneur by many youngsters around the globe. His genius in establishing SEO companies that run smoothly with their bells on is something that is admired and celebrated.

Alex Becker

He is now a self-made millionaire and has spent most of his time learning online marketing skills. Before he entered his current career, he worked as a firefighter in the American Air Force. He was unable to make ends meet, and he lived hand to mouth. This encouraged him to become the man that he is today. The 33-year-old is also a YouTube personality with a channel that reaches over 600,000.

Early Life and Family

Becker, an American citizen by birth, is a firm atheist. He was born in Dallas, Texas, on May 24, 1988. It is difficult to find out much about his family and education. His long-term girlfriend Rachael is his current partner. It is not surprising that he is talented and has mastered the art to start a business.


Alex was a firefighter and his savings of 6000 dollars helped him get through his unemployment.

Source Wave was his first project. He worked tirelessly to help the company achieve record sales. He became an ultrarich in a matter of seconds.

This was followed in 2015 by the creation of a tech platform. Market Hero, a marketing software, aims to offer services such as auto-generating emails and responding to incoming email.

His current job is with HYROS, which provides services to its clients that allow them to analyze and execute various marketing and remarketing strategies at the right time. They can track their ads precisely.

He expanded his expertise by changing the products of services. The biohackers helped him to sell nutrition supplements, which he later became a successful business.

He also launched an educational Youtube channel in 2015, where he shares tips and tricks on how to improve your online marketing presence. His millions were also increased by the publication of The Pillars of Wealth.

Net Worth

His net worth is almost 15 million dollars. His search engine optimization platform, HYROS accounts for a staggering amount of 4,000,000 USD each year. Source Wave alone provides him with an average income of 10,000 to 60,000 USD.