3 reasons why you should recruit a brand ambassador

Brands often find that students are the most difficult demographic to reach.

After all, they tend to be in their own little bubble compared to the rest of us, and don’t tend to form loyalties to brands, right?

Wrong. As much as brands tend to convince themselves there’s no way into the student market, there’s always the opportunity to recruit student ambassadors.

But what really are they, and why are they worth investing time and money into?

A student ambassador is hired by businesses to promote their products or services. Ambassadors genuinely share a passion for the products they promote and work to spread word about the brand across their university campus.

Here are 3 reasons why you should recruit a brand ambassador.

They know what students want

When it comes to marketing, you have to truly understand your audience to get them to trust and invest in your products or services.

Working with students is the best way to understand the demographic, as no one understands young people like young people themselves.

There’s a whole variety of students out there who all come from different walks of life to give you the best possible picture.

By speaking to students you’ll be able to earn their trust and learn more in an honest way that they will respect.

They will help your brand to stay relevant

If you want your brand to continue to grow as the years go on, then you need to constantly reach out to young people as they’re the ones who will keep you going.

Having an influencer around who can demonstrate how your product is relevant to everyday student life is the best way to spread the word on your brand.

Working on personal branding is much more important to students than one-size-fits-all ad campaigns that the majority ignore.

Micro-influencers who have a smaller but niche following are the best way to go, as these young people are considered ‘relatable’ to the student demographic.

And if the influencer is relatable, then your product will soon be, too.

They will give you lifelong customers

The best way to create lifelong customers is by showing off your brand to them when they’re young.

Students often start to make their first everyday decisions when they move to uni – what to eat, what to wear, and even what to wash their pots with.

At this age, they are unlikely to hold brand loyalty, so having an influencer persuade them into why your product is worthy is the best way to get young people to stick around.

Want to know more? The team at Student Ambassador Marketing can help to elevate your brand’s relevance in the student market to keep you at the top of your game.

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